Aether (Faerie)
The Goblet, Ward 1, Plot 34 - The Hideaway

About Us

Welcome to <SapSy>, a rank 30 Free Company founded on March 7th, 2021. Our community is dedicated to creating a healthy and helpful environment for players in Faerie.We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive community that feels like a cozy coffeehouse, where members can socialize and build close-knit relationships. We understand that everyone has different obligations and time requirements, and we do not expect exceptional commitments from our members.We value creating a safe space for our members. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable being themselves, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics. We foster a community that is free from discrimination, harassment, and prejudice of any kind.We aim to create an atmosphere of support and collaboration, where members can rely on each other for help with quests, dungeons, and other challenges. Our goal is to create a vibrant and active community, where players can enjoy all that Etheirys has to offer while building lasting friendships.Thank you for considering us as your Free Company of choice. We look forward to welcoming you into our community!


We understand that everyone enjoys different aspects of FFXIV, whether it's the MSQ, Triple Triad, or just hanging out. We are passionate about all aspects of the game, and we would love to help you along the way, no matter what your goals are.

Crafting & Gathering

We have a number of experienced crafters and gatherers that can help newer players acquire glamours and collectibles without having to pay exorbitant market board prices, as well as collections of harder-to-acquire dyes for the real endgame content, Glamour (Savage).


Our raid team has been on hiatus for the latter half of Endwalker's raid tiers, but we're looking forward to starting a new static group when Dawntrail comes out. Our raid philosophy is solidly midcore; we're adults with day jobs and children, but progressing through content is satisfying and merits time investment!


Please enjoy this collection of screenshots & gposes taken by various FC members! Photography is a shared passion in <SapSy> and we love to share.


Questions, comments, or concerns? Our Leadership Team is here to help! Be it big or small, our officers are here to make sure you have the best experience possible during your time with <SapSy>.

Rhea Lyhall

If, one day, you make it to our final destination, would you please leave flowers?


Illustrated art of Rhea, a pale miqo'te with black hair and blue highlights. She has dark lipstick, subtle eyeliner, and dark brown eyes (though her right eye is milky-white from being blinded).

Web Admin

I'm Rhea, one of our founding members and current FC commander in my wife's stead. I love just about everything about FFXIV and am often found either fishing or crafting when I'm not busy frantically trying to cap every job before an expansion.Outside of XIV, I'm an incredibly queer mom of one and co-own an indie bookstore with my wife, in addition to studying sociology at our local university. My hobbies (other than video games...) mainly include miniature models, 3D printing, reading, and writing!

Executive Officer

Favorite Dungeon: The Twinning
Favorite Normal Raid: Alphascape V4.0
Favorite Alliance Raid: N/A
Interests: Theology, witchcraft, cooking, running too many tabletops

When did you start playing FFXIV and what made you start playing?
“I started playing about a year ago when my fiancee moved in and convinced me to sub to start an FC with her. I slogged through ARR then Heavensward hooked me for the rest of the game.”

Morgan Lyhall

please read the bylaws


A black-haired xaela reading a book in a dapper brown overcoat.

V'zophi Dherno

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? Seriously, have you???


A tan miqo'te with blue-and-brown hair and a light pink fur coat.

Executive Officer

Interests: Queer media, crafting, writing, retro music, getting more people into FFXIV

When did you start playing FFXIV and what made you start playing?
“i’ve been playing FFXIV since february of 2021, when i finally got a computer good enough to run anything beyond the most basic of games. i asked folks “hey i kinda wanna try an mmo, what do y’all recommend?” the resounding answer was FFXIV. i tried it, i liked it (helped by the fact so many of my friends were playing it!), and months later here i still am! hopefully i’ll be here for a long time.”

Community Leader

Favorite Dungeon: Smileton
Favorite Normal Raid: Anabaseios: The Eleventh Circle
Favorite Alliance Raid: The Orbonne Monastery
Interests: I love video games, especially Final Fantasy and Splatoon. I love music and sounds! I play guitar very autistically which means I’m really good at it but I can’t make eye contact in conversations.
When did you start playing FFXIV and what made you start playing?
"I started in March 2023, and got super into it, catching up to the MSQ by August 2023. Other officers and friends encouraged me to play, but I had been wanting to try it for a while!"

Freya Steiner

Hell or glory, I don’t want anything inbetween.


Lexie Metis

Knows the words to Equilibrium



Favorite Dungeon: Shisui of the Violet Tide
Favorite Normal Raid: Eden’s Promise: Eternity
Favorite Alliance Raid: Tower at Paradigm’s Breach
Interests: Music, glamour, raids

When did you start playing FFXIV and what made you start playing?
“A friend suggested I try it as the pandemic raged and I haven’t looked back, especially given the state of my previous game World of Warcraft.”

Company Charter

Part 0: Community Safekeeping

Sapphic Syndies is a safe space, and in the interests of maintaining that safe space, the Founder and through hir the Officers may take actions against members that violate the spirit and essence of these rules, even if they have not technically violated the text of any rules or statements.

Part 1: Inclusivity, Respect, and Understanding

Sapphic Syndies is an explicitly queer Free Company, ran by queer folks for queer folks. We are open to all like-minded individuals, but maintain a strong sapphic focus.This means we are inclusive and respectful of the great many shades and flavors of queerness out there. TERFs, truscum, and other exclusionist philosophies and ideologies are not welcome in Sapphic Syndies. Policing someone’s identity or casting doubt on the validity of their sexuality is unacceptable.There will be times when there is confusion or misunderstandings in discussing these personal aspects; such times should be handled cordially, with anyone asking for clarification or further information keeping in mind that the onus is on them to do so in a respectful fashion.

Part 2: Positivity, Serious Topics, and Escapism

Life is unavoidably difficult at times, especially for queer folks. This game, and the FC by extension, is a way to escape that difficulty and get enjoyment and at times catharsis. Consequently, the FC is not an appropriate place to discuss particularly serious or heavy topics at length. This is not a blanket prohibition on anything that is “negative” or “politically charged” but a general statement that there are social spaces better suited for more in depth discussions of that nature.The subpart to this is that if you are discussing a topic known to be a triggering subject (i.e. severe violence, sexual assault, etc), it should be spoiler tagged and preferably threaded.

Part 3: Internet Decorum

This is not an exhaustive list of dos and do nots but most folks who join this FC will be somewhat familiar with general internet etiquette: the common law of the internet still applies here. Don’t flame folks, don’t go fishing for arguments, approach conversations with a desire to contribute, not to start shit. Put posts in categories appropriate for them, keep NSFW content to the NSFW categories. If you ever have a question or need clarification on something, please ask the officers, any of whom will be glad to answer or help you.A subset of this rule is that not everyone is going be everyone else’s friend. We want a warm and welcoming community, but any group of any size is going have disagreements or folks who simply don’t like each other. Not liking someone else is not a rules violation, fishing for arguments is. Don’t pick fights intentionally, and use common sense to gauge when simply not interacting is the better option.

Part 4: Representing the FC

While playing in FFXIV or any other game that SapSy members partake in under the label, you are in some capacity representing the entire FC. If you’re out and about repeating TERF talking points, it isn’t good for you and it isn’t good for the FC, and if we find out it will be handled just the same as if it was said within FC communications.

Part 5: Discipline

Officers of the FC may informally or formally warn members of conduct violations and, in severe or repeat infractions, suspend a member’s participation in the FC for a length of time. Expulsion may be considered in grievous infractions or several repeat infractions with no sign of change.

Buff Schedule

DayBuff 1Buff 2
SundayHeat of the Battle II (+10% DoW/DoM XP)Jackpot II (+10% MGP)
MondayHeat of the Battle II (+10% DoW/DoM XP)Earth & Water II (+10% DoL XP)
TuesdayHeat of the Battle II (+10% DoW/DoM XP)Helping Hand II (+10% DoH XP)
WednesdayHeat of the Battle II (+10% DoW/DoM XP)Reduced Rates II (-10% Teleport Cost)
ThursdayHeat of the Battle II (+10% DoW/DoM XP)Reduced Rates II (-10% Teleport Cost)
FridayHeat of the Battle II (+10% DoW/DoM XP)Mark Up II (+10% Wolf Marks)
SaturdayHeat of the Battle II (+10% DoW/DoM XP)Jackpot II (+10% MGP)

The Hideaway

The Goblet - Ward 1, Plot 34

We are proud to call The Goblet our home. We have a beautifully-decorated house that is open to all visitors, whether you're a member of our Free Company or not.We believe that our home is a reflection of our community, and we take great pride in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all who visit. Whether you're looking for a place to hang out with friends, or just need a quiet spot to relax and unwind, our house is the perfect destination.So even if you're not interested in joining our Free Company, we encourage you to stop by and visit us.